New to Health insurance?

Believe us when we say we know that healthcare insurance can be confusing. It’s one of the things laya healthcare is working to change and we hope that this page and the many useful links provided will be of assistance as you seek to find the best private health cover for you.

Whether you are looking for cover for just you, for a couple or for the whole family laya healthcare will be here to look after you always.

Looking for more information?

You might have some questions that are not addressed in the below topics and if so, you’ll find lots more about health insurance on our help page.

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Why laya?

  • Healthcoach by laya healthcare
  • HeartBeat Screening (every member over 12 can avail of a cardiac screening once every two years)
  • CareOnCall access for all members (GPline, Nurseline, Physio line and more)
  • Manage your policy online with our Member Area
  • Innovative Member app (allowing you to claim for day to day  medical expenses as they arise)
  • Call centre based in Ireland 
  • Getting cover online is simple and speedy
  • Second largest health insurance provider in Ireland
  • Over half a million members

Helpful advice for new members

How to check your cover and make a claim