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At laya healthcare we understand how important value for money and getting the best deal on health insurance is to you and your family. When looking for health cover you can trust it’s important to remember that cheapest isn’t always best, regardless of the provider or plan you may be considering. That said, if cost and value for money are your primary concerns, we’d recommend you consider the following factors that influence the cost of cover and make the decisions that are right for you:

The Treatments you need:

Many of our lower cost plans provide a very comprehensive list of covered treatments and cover A&E and Paediatric departments. So, if the treatments you’d most like covered are focused in these areas rather than specialised services in Private Hospitals, then these lower cost plans may very well be a great fit for you.

The list of treatments that you can get cover for is very long. So, take a moment to see whether your scheme includes anything that isn’t useful to you.

Hospital options:

One area that will very clearly allow you to make savings on your cover is by choosing your hospitals carefully. In Ireland we have three specific types of facility: public, private and hi-tech treatment centres or hospitals.

You can control your cost by selecting which hospitals you want covered and of course the premium will be lower if you select only those hospitals that would most benefit you or that are in your area. You can get great healthcare by taking out cover for private treatment in public hospitals without the waiting times.

By making smart decisions when creating your health insurance cover, the cost will become more affordable. So choose carefully.

Level of cover on day-to-day medical expenses:

If you rarely go to the doctor or need medicines, you can keep your premium down by reducing the amount of cover for these costs. Cover on day-to-day GP bills, physio visits etc may not be your priority and you can adjust your cover accordingly and see how that reduces your costs.


If you’re comfortable choosing a higher excess, a direct result will be that your policy will be cheaper and more affordable. If you believe that a higher level of excess on your policy is manageable then this is a great way to lower your premium.


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