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At Laya healthcare, some of Ireland's most reputable businesses, spanning SMEs to multinationals, rely on us to provide best in class health insurance for their employees. Why do they choose us? At laya healthcare we make the process effortless, delivering precisely what they need at the right right price.

  • As your trusted partner in the Irish market, we boast extensive experience in delivering and transforming employee benefits.
  • Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive coverage through tailor-made health insurance solutions designed for specific business.
  • When you partner with us, you'll have a dedicated account manager who will work with you directly in tailoring to your specific employee needs.

Don't let recruitment challenges or concerns about switching providers deter your organisation's plans. Take the next step to enhanced employee satisfaction, improved recruitment success, and significant cost savings by taking advantage of our free consultation today.

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At laya healthcare, we prioritise consultations to deliver the best health insurance solutions for you and your team. Our dedicated team takes the time to understand your needs and existing health insurance, designing a personalised solution that aligns perfectly with your company's goals. Here is what to expect:

  • Personalised Consultation: We listen to your needs and tailor solutions accordingly.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Solution: Crystal-clear recommendations.
  • Ongoing Support: We're here to help at every stage of your journey with us.
  • Lasting Partnerships: We prioritise your employees' well-being and your company's success.


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Overcoming Recruitment Challenges

Overcome recruitment challenges, hire top talent with our tailored health insurance plans. Elevate your workforce today!

Customised Packages

Flexible choices and coverage. Our health insurance plans offer a wide range of options to tailor coverage to your organization's needs.


Switching Made Easy

Our consultants evaluate your plan, compare offerings, and guide you through a seamless transition without compromising coverage.