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Until the end of December 2020, we will pay the full cost for members to access urgent care consultations and treatment in Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinics.

Please note that this does not include a follow up consultation in the fracture clinic in the Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinics with an Orthopaedic Consultant.

We want to make health and wellbeing care accessible and affordable to all. Our Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinic urgent care services are open to everyone aged 12months+, those with health insurance and those withoutNon-members can avail of urgent care services and pay on the day.

Due to Covid-19, walk-in consultation and treatment is limited to minor injuries onlyVideo consultations or face to face appointments are available for minor illnesses.

Be seen within 1 hour of arrival

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, we believe you’ve waited long enough. Our Consultant-led clinics provide urgent care for minor injuries and illnesses within an hour of arrival. 365 days a year.


Consultation Fees
Initial Consultation €130
Follow-Up Consultation (Within 72 Hours – Same Condition) €0
Follow-Up Consultation (After 72 Hours – Same Condition) €70
Nurse Consultation (wound dressing etc) €35
Additional Treatments
X-Ray €100
Stitching €50
Full Cast €60
Temporary Cast €35
Splints €10-€50
Crutches €35
Walking Boot €50
Arm Sling €15
Long Knee Brace €50
Short Knee Brace €40
Hand Positioning Brace €100
Collar and Cuff €15
Additional Services
Orthopaedic Consultant (Per visit) €150



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