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Welcome to your new network of laya health & wellbeing clinics. This is healthcare reimagined from the ground up.

Avoid long wait times elsewhere, for speedy treatment here – our urgent care services are open to the whole community. Both members and non-members aged 12 months+ can be treated for minor illnesses and injuries like sprains, breaks and minor burns. Fast.

As well as urgent care, our members can avail of a range of preventative services* such as cardiac screening, healthcoach consultationscounselling sessions and more.

With much more to come...

The wait is over – a new era of healthcare is here. 


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What we treatWhat we don't treat
Sprains & Strains Chest pain & tightness
Minor fractures & dislocations Severe abdominal pain
Minor burns Open & complex fractures
Cuts, scrapes & wounds Wounds from serious weapon assault
Insect bites & rashes Severe breathing difficulties
Cough, cold, flu, sinus infection Injuries caused by motor vehicle accident
Allergies Overdose, poisoning or attempted suicide
Dehydration requiring IV Respiratory and/or cardiac arrest
Congestion & upper respiratory infections Seizure without previous diagnosis of Epilepsy
Urinary tract infection Severe burns
Ear infections, earaches, ear wax removal Sudden collapse or unexplained fall
Migraines & headaches Vomiting blood
Asthma treatment  Sudden onset of weakness, numbness or paralysis of the face, arm or leg 
Bronchitis, wheezing & asthma attacks Suspected severe allergic reaction
Corneal abrasions Suspected spinal injury
Nose bleeds Unconsciousness
Back pain Uncontrollable bleeding
Sore throat & step throat All pregnancy related pain and conditions
Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting & stomach flu Severe eye or vision problems
High fever Severe lacerations


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*Access to HeartBeat cardiac screening for all laya healthcare members aged 12+, once every two years. Access to face to face healthcoach consultations for laya healthcare members aged 18+ on selected schemes. Access to counselling sessions through the Mental Wellbeing Support Programme for laya healthcare members aged 16+ on selected schemes.