Waiting Periods

I am switching directly to Laya Healthcare from another Irish health insurer with no break in cover

If you have served all your waiting periods then there is no break in cover when you transfer to us. If you have not served all your waiting periods with your previous Irish health insurer you can serve the remainder of them with Laya Healthcare. We will fully recognise the length of time you’ve spent with your previous insurer.


I am taking out health insurance for the first time

If you are taking out health insurance for the first time or it has been 13 weeks since you last had private health insurance with an Irish health insurer, the following waiting periods may apply.

Waiting Periods   
Accident or InjuryIllnesses that develop after you joinIllnesses that develop before you joinMaternity/Infertility
None 26 weeks 5 years 52 weeks

A 2 year waiting period applies if you want to avail of a higher level of cover/benefits for any disease, illness or injury which began or the symptoms of which began before you upgraded.

How many days treatment can you claim in a year?

Cover for in-patient hospital treatment is available for a maximum of 180 days per member in any calendar year.

Useful Definitions:

Prior to 01st May 2015: The definition of a pre-existing condition is when the symptoms of the illness or injury began before the original date of joining.

After 01st May 2015: The definition of a pre-existing condition will be an ailment, illness or condition where the signs or symptoms existed at any time in the period of 6 months prior to the insurance commencing.

Please Note: This information is issued as a guide only and does not form part of a contract. You will receive a copy of your rules booklet when you join or you can request one in advance. Your rules booklet is also available in your personalised member area.