Digital Health Hub Benefits

Welcome to the Digital Health Hub, a suite of digital services available exclusively to Laya healthcare members*. Here are the benefits you can access:

  • Video consultations with a GP (for members aged 17+)
  • Consultations with a physiotherapist (for members aged 17+)
  • 1:1 video consultations with health and wellbeing experts covering parenting, financial, and wellbeing advice (for members aged 17+)
  • Unlimited personal consultations with a dietician (for members aged 17+)
  • Healthcoach video consultations (for members aged 18+)

Please note that members under 17 can access all benefits except for Healthcoach, but they must be booked by their parent or guardian who must attend the appointment with them.

Our members have had a fantastic experience with these benefits, and we delivered over 110,000 digital health consultations in 2022. For details of cover, please refer to your table of benefits.

Please refer to your rules booklet for details of the rules governing these benefits

*GPlive, Digital Physiotherapy and Digital Health & Wellbeing appointments can be booked by members aged 17+. Appointments can be booked for members under 17, but this can only be done by a parent or guardian on their behalf and they must also attend the appointment with the member. Healthcoach consultations available to members aged 18+.