How to make a claim 

You should send your claims to us as soon as possible through the Laya App or using an out-patient claim form. We will not pay for any benefits unless you submit your receipts to us within twelve months from the end of your policy year. If your receipts are not received within this timeframe, your benefits will not be paid.

We will pay fees and charges for treatment, services and facilities that are reasonable and customary and only up to the limits shown in the Benefit Table.

Click or tap the pink dropdowns below to find out how to make different types of claims.

Is your treatment medically necessary?

The proposed treatment must be medically necessary and satisfy the criteria in our schedule of benefits for conditions of payment, including clinical indicators. Please check with your clinician to ensure you meet the relevant clinical indicators for your planned procedure.

All claims are paid in accordance with our scheme rules and table of benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions