Your Laya App

Take control of your healthcare today

We know life is hectic, so your Laya App has been designed to make it fast and easy for you to check your cover, book a video GP consultation and so much more – all within the Laya App. 

It’s really straightforward, for example, to submit a claim for day-to-day medical expenses through the Laya App and you get a notification when your claim has been processed. If you prefer, you can claim online through your Member Area.

You can also use your Laya App to access Digital GP services, including face-to-face video consultations with a GP, an online prescription service and access to home testing kits.

Making a claim on your Laya App

You can claim for everyday medical expenses such as GP, physiotherapist or outpatient Consultant visits at any time through your Laya App and any refund due to you will be paid into your bank account within a few days.

How to make a claim through your Laya App

  1. Take or upload a picture of your everyday medical expense receipts
  2. Enter the claim date and details
  3. Submit your claim

We’ll notify you in the app when your claim has been assessed, and you’ll receive any refund promptly to your nominated bank account.

You can also submit your claims through your online Member Area.

Download your Laya App today

To access the Laya App, please click the appropriate link below:

For the best Laya App experience:

  • On Android devices, ensure you have version 11, 12, or 13 installed.
  • For iOS devices, make sure you are using version 15 or 16.

What can I do on the Laya App?

We’re always striving to improve your Laya App so it’s as useful as possible. We’ll let you know when we add new features, but today you can use the app to:

Check your cover

  • Understand your cover for hospitals, scan centres, procedures, Consultants and everyday medical expenses.

Manage your claims

  • Submit claims for everyday expenses. It’s fast and easy, and you can do it any time.
  • Have your claims paid directly to your bank account.
  • Be notified when your claim has been paid.
  • Review your past claims.

Manage your policy

  • See who is covered and understand their cover.
  • Update your personal or payment details.

Get support

  • Book a GP video consultation.
  • Access one-to-one support: Healthcoach; our 24/7 Mental Wellbeing Support Programme; and Physioline.

Save time

  • Order a prescription.
  • Order a home testing kit.

Easy login

  • Use Touch/Face ID.
  • Use the same login details as your online Member Area, if you’ve already registered to use it.