Fertility Treatment

Whether you’re just planning ahead or actively trying for a baby, rest assured that laya healthcare understands the pressure people are often under when trying to conceive and we will be there for you throughout your journey. So, if fertility is something you’d like covered within your health insurance, you’ll be pleased to hear that laya healthcare has a fertility benefit to help you cover the costs of starting your family. Check your personalised member area to view this benefit or, if you’d like to become a member, review your benefits table when choosing your scheme to see the exact level of cover we offer. Our award winning team can take you through any questions you may have - simply call 021 202 2000.


When the time does come, we’ll be there for you with a comprehensive range of maternity benefits for you and your baby. These include:

•             Newborns are free until your next renewal. Just call us within 13 weeks of birth.

•             24/7 Nurseline, offering advice and reassurance to new and expecting parents.

•             Excellent child healthcare benefits.

•             You can also view our Mum & Baby page for tips on pregnancy and health.


For existing Laya Healthcare members you can login to our dedicated member area here to manage all aspects of your cover. 

You can also contact our friendly Customer Care team on 021 202 2000.


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