What is Laya Healthcare Concierge?

Laya Healthcare Concierge is here to answer any health-related questions you may have. The first of its kind in Ireland, we’ve created a brand-new team of friendly clinical experts who specialise in healthcare in Ireland.

All Questions Answered

So, if you want to know the answers to things like…

  • “What’s the best route for my maternity care?”
  • “I’ve had a life-changing diagnosis … what do I do next?
  • “How long will my recovery be?”

Or any question, on any healthcare issue. Available on Signify and Signify Plus from 1st October 2019, and on Flex 125 ExploreFlex 175 ExploreFlex 250 ExploreFlex 375 Explore from 1st November 2019, we can help you to sort through medical jargon and explain everything - from what a diagnosis means, to understanding your treatment plan, to what happens when you leave hospital.

And everything in between.

Because it’s good to live.

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 Laya Healthcare Concierge is available from renewal or purchase from 1st October 2019 on selected schemes for members over the age of 18. However, if a member is under 18, a parent/guardian can call on their behalf. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does It Work?

We’ve made it simple. Any health-related query you have, pick up the phone and call or email our Laya Healthcare Concierge team directly for answers and advice.

 There are 4 key steps: 

  1. Call or email us
  2. Response on the spot
  3. Call or email back, if the question is more complex
  4. Follow up info after the call


Available on selected schemes from 1st October 2019

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