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Affordable Health Insurance Schemes

We understand that it’s important to find the best deal and keep your health insurance affordable. Here are some tips to help you make decisions that will reduce the cost of your cover.

Type of hospital

You’ll be able to make the best savings on your cover by choosing your hospitals carefully.

There are three kinds of hospital in Ireland: public, private and hi-tech. You can take out health insurance to cover all of them or only some of them. The more you include in your scheme, the more expensive it will be. So, you can keep the cost down by being selective. We suggest only choosing those hospitals that are of most benefit to you.

For example, Ireland’s public health system is good. A problem you often hear about, though, is the long waiting times. You can get round these by taking out cover for private treatment in public hospitals. You get great public healthcare, but you don’t have to wait as long for it.

Also, check that you have a private or high-tech hospital in your area. If you don’t, it may not make sense to be paying for care in one.  Some smart decisions here will make your health insurance more affordable.

Types of treatment

Something most people don’t realise is that all A&E departments are in public hospitals. The same goes for Ireland’s paediatric (children’s care) departments. So adding private hospitals to your scheme if, for instance, care for your children is your primary concern isn’t strictly speaking necessary.

The list of treatments that you can get cover for is very long. So take a moment to see whether your scheme includes anything that isn’t useful to you. 

Selecting a higher excess

Excess is the amount of money that you are happy to pay towards each treatment you receive. If you’re comfortable choosing a higher excess, your policy will be cheaper and more affordable.


We will look after you

We know that choosing the right health insurance to fit your budget can seem hard. We genuinely want to help. Laya Healthcare is built on that desire, so we won’t do a hard sell. We’ll listen and we’ll help you find the right cover at an affordable price for you. Call us on 021 202 2000 to discuss your needs.


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