Your cover

Don't forget, if you need to check the cover specific to your scheme or make changes to your policy, you should log in to your personalised Member Area.  Welcome to Digital Customer Care from Laya Healthcare.

Every laya healthcare team member has your best interests at heart and shares a common goal – to look after you always - and to do that whatever your need or stage in life.

So, we’ve drawn on our knowledge and experience to put together a great range of innovative, value for money health insurance benefits. Choose from a wide variety of hospitals, doctors, and consultants; schemes which offer free, confidential access to our GPline or 24 hour Nurseline. Draw on the expert medical opinions of worldwide specialists or find schemes to cover infertility treatment and more.

And because we know that you want to be proactive about your health, we offer cover for health checks; screening; dental; optical and complementary therapy.

Also, please note that laya healthcare is required under the Health (provision of Information ) Act 1997 to share information in relation to our members with the National Cancer Registry Board. This is for public health purposes as members may be invited to participate in cancer screening programmes. If you would prefer us not to share your information please let us know.