How physical activity can help to prevent cancer

Pen Orla Dolan Glasses 4 min read

When we think of cancer, we often think of it as a big disease on which we can have little impact.  But that is not the case. Here Orla Dolan CEO of Breakthrough Cancer research talks about how what we actually do can have the power to lower our risk of getting different types of cancers.

Yoga pose Lifestyle

Yoga Series – How to use Asanas (yoga poses) in everyday life

Pen Jessica Hatchett Glasses 3 min read

The physical positions (asanas) you practice in yoga will help you to develop strength, flexibility and balance, but not just in your body. Read more here.

Blue cartoon image showing two children and accompanied by white text Family

Spring into action - suggestions for outdoor family activities

Pen Selda Simsek Glasses 3 min read

Spring is an excellent time of year for reflection and rejuvenation and can help keep you motivated to maintain your New Year’s goals. As the evenings begin to extend before our eyes, there are many ways to enjoy our natural surroundings and get some physical activity in, too. Why not try some of our activity suggestions and spring into action with us.

pic of kids with laptop and ipad Family

5 Conversations to have with your child if they are using Social Media

Pen Maureen Griffin Glasses 4 min read

Forensic Psychologist Maureen Griffin says that there are five conversations you should have with your child if they are using social media. Read more here.

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