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Why cardio is so good for you and how to make it free

Pen Karl Henry Glasses 4 min read

Karl Henry ensures that you are doing it properly and how to keep your progress going, avoiding the results plateau that demotivates so many people.

Women demonstrating yoga twist

How yoga can improve your gut health while sitting on a chair

Pen Jessica Hatchett Glasses 4 min read

This is the second part of our yoga series. Here yoga teacher and therapist Jessica Hatchett demonstrates good gut health while sitting on a chair.








Super Troopers with laya healthcare | Halloween Healthy Treats

Trick or Treat, Healthy Eats!

Pen Selda Simsek Glasses 4 min read

As days start getting shorter and shorter, and our routines fill up with school runs and activities, it can be hard to keep up healthy habits – especially with trick or treating and Halloween parties getting in the way. Try some of these delicious and healthy Halloween-inspired recipes with your Super Troopers for some spooky snacks they won’t be able to resist!

pic of kids with laptop and ipad

5 Conversations to have with your child if they are using Social Media

Pen Maureen Griffin Glasses 4 min read

Forensic Psychologist Maureen Griffin says that there are five conversations you should have with your child if they are using social media. Read more here.

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