The heart screening road trip that screened 1,200 employees from Lidl Ireland

Pen Laura De Puis Glasses 5 min read

Laura de Puis, from our Health and Wellness team talks about a health and wellness programme we ran with Lidl Ireland that took us to all corners of the country when we delivered cardiac screening to over 1,200 people.


5 Alternative Family Holidays

Pen Stephanie Lynch Glasses 3 min read

It's that time of the year to start thinking about summer holidays. I've brainstormed lots of ideas for alternative family holidays to suit all ages –  the toddlers, the teenagers and the big kids! Happy Travels!


Do you need a digital detox this Easter?

Pen John Gallaher Glasses 4 min read

Right now many of you are reading this article on your phones but there is growing evidence to suggest that many of us are addicted to digital products. Here Professor John Gallaher discusses the benefits of a digital detox and why you should try to go at least one day a week without your phone!


Exclusive behind the scenes access to the team behind the team

Pen Alan Morris Glasses 4 min read

We went behind the scenes at Leinster Rugby and now you can too with our EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS with the team behind the team. Here is a sneak peak!

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