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Why you should listen to this Covid-19 (coronavirus) expert podcast series

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This expert podcast series wouldn’t have existed just weeks ago when Covid-19 had not yet knocked on our doors. We are now in the midst of a pandemic, a time when we need answers to questions, and we’re here to help with that.

As your true health partner our experts offer valuable insights and practical tips empowering you to live and feel better during this challenging time.

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Insights from the Experts

From Counselling Psychologists, to nutritionists and cybersecurity experts, we have created a series of podcasts related to Covid-19. Choose from a variety of topics below and we’ll continue to add to these.

Podcast List

Rowena Hennigan: How Remote Working is Evolving


Leadership in Lockdown - Supporting Employee Wellbeing: featuring Sinead Proos, head of Health & Wellbeing at Laya Healthcare, and Claire Murray, Culture & Engagement Manager at Bank of Ireland. This podcast discusses the challenges faced by organisations across the country, and how they can use this time to reset how they look after employee health & wellbeing.


Sinead Ryan: Financial Wellness expert and journalist talks about what to do if your holiday/flights have been cancelled, mortgage deferral options and what expenses you're entitled to if homeworking. Listen on the link below. 


Anita Fletcher: parenting expert gives some practical advice on working at home with kids on the link below


Dr. Eddie Murphy: talks about emotional wellbeing in a time of crisis on the link below 


Rowena Hennigan: lecturer and author shares her remote working tips on the link below


Dr Patrick Ryan: Clinical Psychologist and Associate Vice President at the University of Limerick shares his thoughts on coping with self isolation on the link below.




Are there topics you’d like us to cover? Questions you need answers to?  If so, please Email info@layahealthcare.ie with the subject line Coronavirus topics.

For more topics on Covid-19 (coronavirus) visit https://www.layahealthcare.ie/thrive/tags/coronavirus/


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