Extending Unlimited Healthcare Benefits

Until the end of December 2020

Though our day to day lives have changed in the past few months, the full support of our team is here for our members. This includes extending cover and introducing new benefits to look after our members during Covid-19.

We are removing restrictions and giving access, where age appropriate, at no additional cost to our members until the end of December 2020.

 While fair usage applies, members can access;


*Laya Health & Wellbeing Clinics are open to those aged 12months+. GPlive appointments can be booked by members aged 18+. Appointments can be booked for members under 18, but this can only be done by a parent or guardian. Online physio and health & wellbeing experts are available to members aged 16+. Healthcoach consultations available to members aged 18+. Laya Healthcare Concierge available to members aged 18+, but a parent or guardian can call on behalf of members under 18.

Product level benefits will not be affected as a result of members accessing services during this period.

Terms & Conditions apply to extended benefits & services - you can find out more here

Frequently Asked Questions