Returning To The Workplace

A brave new era

As Ireland’s largest Health & Wellbeing provider, laya healthcare understands the complexity of bringing your team back to the workplace.  In addition to the Government’s Return to Work Protocols and the operational challenges you will be facing, there is a significant human and emotional element to this also. Each employee will have had a different experience during the Covid-19 public health crisis. Some will have experienced sickness, others may have lost a loved one or struggled with juggling work and home life. And not everyone will want to return to the workplace.

What information and supports are available to my team and me?

To support and help you through this time, we have compiled a number of documents to give you information on what you should do, what to expect and what supports are available to you over the coming months.  Simply click on the links below to download the relevant documents.

Virtual Launch Event

Please join us for the launch of laya healthcare’s ‘The Great Reset: A Brave New Era of Work & Wellbeing’ report, revealing the findings of the largest-ever research carried out among Irish employees and HR leaders into the Challenge of the Century, Covid-19. 

On Monday 14th September 2020, broadcaster Jonathan Healy will chair an expert-led panel discussion into the trends that are set to transform employee health and wellbeing in the months and years ahead, and arm HR leaders with practical approaches and tips on how to embrace a Great Reset of health and wellbeing in their own organisation. A wide range of topics will be covered, including the future of remote working, shifting fundamentals of employee Health & Wellbeing, employer and employee rights and how to prepare your organisation for a second surge of Covid-19, among others.

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Covid-19 and Antibody Testing for your Team


Tips for Communicating Return to the Workplace to Employees


The Return to the Workplace Challenges HR Leaders can Expect


Return to the Workplace Seminar Topics, Workshops & Wellness Experts


24/7 Mental Wellbeing Support Programme (EAP) During Covid-19


Ergonomics for Remote Workers - Assessments, eLearning and Seminars