Virtual Health & Wellbeing Festival – A Huge Success

Ireland’s 1st Virtual Health and Wellbeing Festival – Workplace Wellbeing Day

Laya Healthcare were delighted to host Ireland's 1st Virtual Health and Wellbeing festival, which took place on Workplace Wellbeing Day (Friday 1st May 2020). With 12,000 registrations for the festival, we heard from some of Ireland’s leading experts in the Health and Wellbeing space including Karl Henry, David Coleman, Dermot Whelan and Anna Geary. Topics covered included nutrition, exercise, mindfulness - and even some fun for the kids who are at home as well. Go here to learn more about our high profile speakers. 

The Facts

Recent research commissioned by laya healthcare has shown us that Irish people are stressed, worried about their health and suffering from anxiety about losing their job as a result of Covid-19. This research also revealed a nation struggling with remote working and coping with day-to-day life during the pandemic. (Survey of 1,016 adults carried out online by B&A between 27th March and 1st April 2020.)

Through our digitally led approach we have transformed our Health and Wellbeing business to ensure we continue to stay connected with all our members and continue to give access to Ireland’s largest health and wellbeing team. And the Laya Healthcare Virtual Health and Wellbeing Festival on Workplace Wellbeing Day, was another example of this support.

For further supports during Covid-19 and to learn about how we are supporting our members through these difficult times, please go to our Covid-19 information hub.  Here you will find information, blogs, podcasts and much more to support you and your family.

Top Tips From Expert Festival Speakers

Dermot Whelan

Karl Henry

Anna Geary