Laya healthcare - Your trusted health and wellbeing partner in rugby

At laya healthcare, we take immense pride in our role as the Official Health and Wellbeing partner of Leinster Rugby, Munster Rugby and Connacht Rugby. Our partnerships with Munster and Connacht Rugby date back to 2020, while we have been partners with Leinster Rugby since 2015.


Always a beat ahead

We've cultivated strong connections in each province, with our Laya Health & Wellbeing Clinics located in Galway, Limerick, and Dublin. These clinics not only serve as pillars of community health but also stand as testaments to our commitment to supporting the provinces we call home.

Empowering communities through sport

By harnessing the positive power of sport, laya healthcare is dedicated to empowering players and fans alike across the provinces. Our sponsorships go beyond the field, reinforcing our mission to encourage innovative approaches to health and wellness. We believe in inspiring individuals to take control of their health and reap the rewards of a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Strategic vision for total wellbeing

Collaborating closely with each club, Laya healthcare works on a strategic vision that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of everyone involved. From the men's and women's teams to the dedicated backroom staff and loyal fans, our focus is on keeping everyone always a beat ahead. This commitment aligns seamlessly with our longstanding promise: 'look after you always'.

Looking after you always

Being a beat ahead is as much a motivational statement as it is a reaffirmation of our long-standing promise to ‘look after you always’. Check out how each province keeps ‘Always a beat ahead’ in the world of rugby – led by unique insights that only true supporters would know.