Member Support Benefit Payment

Here's some positive news

While medical inflation is driving up the cost of healthcare, our proactive claims and cost management means we can give back to our members.

This is why, for the second time in two years, we're giving an additional member support benefit payment to our members.

Once-off payment to our 650,000 members

The once-off payment will be:

  • €85 for each adult member
  • €35 for each child member

That means, for example, a family of two adults and two kids will get €240 from us.

Members must have had a current active policy on the 1st of June 2022 to qualify for the support payment.

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Our team are busy at this time answering urgent calls, so we've broken down the key info you need to know in the FAQs below.

Greater access to healthcare benefits and services

As well as putting money back in our members’ pockets, we are extending unrestricted access until the end of 2023, at no additional cost, to some of our most popular digital healthcare benefits including access to GPs, nurses and physios.

Fair usage applies.

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