I Pay For My Own Health Insurance

Redirecting claim cost savings to our members

If you pay for your own health insurance, you will receive:

  • €195 for every adult member
  • €60 for every child member

The total payment will be split into three equal instalments and paid over three months (April to June 2020). We will pay the first instalment by the 30th of April 2020.

If there are any dependents on your policy, their payment will go into your (the main policy holder's) bank account.

Members must have a current active policy on the 1st of each of each month – April, May, June – to qualify for the monthly instalment.

What You Need To Do

We need to ensure that the bank details we have on file for you are correct. If we don't have any bank details on file for you, we need you to add them.

If you are registered for Member Area, and are happy that the bank details on file with laya healthcare are correct, you dont need to do anything. Your payment will come through into your bank account automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions