YourCare@Home - Homecare Treatment for Members

Benefits of YourCare@Home

  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Optimises bed utilization
  • Prevents overcrowding in A&E
  • Supports discharge planning efforts

Hospitals where YourCare@Home is available

  • Adelaide & Meath incorp NCH
  • Beacon
  • Beaumont
  • Blackrock Clinic
  • Bon Secours, Glasnevin
  • Cappagh Orthopaedic Hospital
  • Hermitage Clinic
  • St Vincent’s University
  • St Vincent’s Private
  • St James’ Hospital
  • James Connolly Memorial
  • Mater Misericordiae
  • Mater Private
  • National Maternity Hospital Holles Street
  • Coombe
  • Rotunda Hospital
  • Sports Surgery Clinic
  • Our Lady of Lourdes, Drogheda
  • Navan General
  • Naas General Hospital
  • Galway University Hospitals
  • Bon Secours Galway
  • Galway Clinic


What is YourCare@Home?

YourCare@Home is a service which allows patients to be discharged from hospital and to continue certain types of treatment in the comfort of their own home. It is available to laya healthcare members who are in-patients in one of a select list of hospitals. Geographical limitations apply, however we are constantly extending and expanding our service so that more of our members can avail of it.

This service is:

  • Offered under the hospital Consultant’s care
  • Nurse-led
  • Available 365 days a year


What are the benefits to the patient?

Patients remain under the care of their hospital Consultant, but can continue their treatment in the comfort of their own home. Benefits include the avoidance of inpatient admission, reduced infection risk & improved patient outcomes.


“Laya healthcare’s YourCare@Home service allowed me to be discharged from hospital and be treated for wound dressings in the comfort of my own home. The service saved me so much time and effort – I didn’t have to travel to the hospital or queue for ages for a procedure that only took minutes. Laya’s nurses were fantastic, they came on specific days to my home so I had the certainty of knowing when I’d be treated. I’d highly recommend this service to other members.”

Dara Monaghan, Dublin


What treatments are covered?

  • IV antibiotics
  • IV steroids
  • Wound Care
  • Dressings


How can laya healthcare members access this service?

A patient can enquire about the service if they are an inpatient in one of the listed hospitals; however generally the Bed Manager or Discharge Planner in the hospital will contact our Hospital Liaison Nurse (and/ or TCP Homecare, who provide the YourCare@Home nurses) to arrange the transfer to the homecare service, if the patient is considered a suitable candidate for homecare by their hospital Consultant. All laya healthcare schemes offer cover for this service – although geographical limits apply. Please contact us for further details.