Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy

Of course we will pay you a salary, that goes without saying. But there’s more. In return for your hard work, energy and dedication, we’ll give you a substantial bundle of benefits. You’ll be able to work towards an additional performance-related pay scheme that’s based on your performance. That’s on top of your salary. If you pay into a pension plan, we also contribute to this. 

We see work as more than just a financial arrangement. We know that in order for you to do your best work, you need to be happy. So we do everything we can to make you feel good in yourself, physically and mentally. We’ll help you eat well. We have a great subsidised restaurant. We also have a Starbucks on site.

We’ll make sure you get plenty of rest too. You get 21 days holiday each year. That’s just for starters. The longer you’re with us, the more holiday days you’ll get. We offer flexible working hours. We know that a strict 9-5 doesn’t always fit with your obligations outside of your job. As well as flexible hours, we want to make your journey in and out of work as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a Taxsaver initiative for bus and rail tickets. Helping you achieve a good work/life balance is important to us.

We’ll encourage you to be physically active. In addition to a cycle to work benefit, we also have a running club, a GAA team, a golf society and a tennis society. There are plenty of social activities too. If you do get ill, don’t worry. We’re understanding about sick leave. You’ll also get comprehensive health care insurance. We know a really good provider. The best in the country, we think. We believe that mental wellness is vital. It’s something we’re known for. Our mental health programme has received special recognition at the Great Place to Work Awards. We also have a special Health & Wellness programme to keep your mind in good shape. We offer you five free face-to-face consultations with mental wellness specialists too, should you require their services.

Talking of your mind, we’re right behind you if you want to improve your knowledge. We’ll pay towards approved courses. And when it’s exam time, you’ll get a paid day off to prepare/sit the exam. And if there is anything bothering you at all, ANY-THING, we have a helpline you can turn to. You’ll find a supportive and caring ear you can talk to in confidence. It’s a service provided by a company independent of Laya.

It’s not just laya members we look after to the best of our ability. We look after you as well.