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This is Health and Wellbeing with a difference, brought to you by Ireland’s largest team of Health and Wellbeing experts.

From morning energiser classes, afternoon parenting seminars, and evening mindfulness or HIIT classes, there will be something for everyone - and even something for the kids!

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Each week, we will be joined by a Virtual Key Note Speaker, including Karl Henry, Aisling Larkin and Sonia O’Sullivan - who will give you expert opinions and guidance on how to manage your overall health. Our first Virtual Key Note speaker, Dr Ciara Kelly joins us on Monday 6th July - book your place now!

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Class Descriptions & Speakers

Virtual Keynote Speakers

Sonia O'Sullivan

Recipe for a Successful Life Balance

Former World Champion and Olympian, Sonia O'Sullivan is one of the country's most successful athletes and undoubtedly one of the greatest Irish sports people ever. The Olympic Silver Medal capped a string of successes by Sonia which, included Three World Championship Gold Medals, Three European Championship Gold Medals, Four World Records and Sonia still holds the World record over 2000m along with every Irish record in the books in distances ranging from 800m to half marathon.

In this talk, Sonia will show us the ingredients required in different areas of life to account for each day to help promote a healthy, productive mind and body.

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Dr Ciara Kelly

Physical Health

Dr Ciara Kelly is a GP, Broadcaster and Award Winning Columnist. Ciara also teaches General Practice to medical students and Post Graduate Doctors for UCD and Trinity College Dublin. Previously, she was the Former Assistant Director of GP Training in UCD. She is a broadcaster with Newstalk where she presents her own show Lunchtime Live, weekdays from 12 noon to 2pm. Ciara was previously the Medical Expert on RTÉ's Operation Transformation for five seasons, a presenter on RTÉ's Doctors on Call and the Resident GP on Virgin Media One's The Morning Show for three years.

Ciara is a leading voice within the media landscape in Ireland, highlighting patient’s issues and rights. In this session, she will be going live to discuss a range of topics regarding your physical wellbeing during these difficult times.

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Lauren Guilfoyle

Fundamental Principles of Injury Reduction

A graduate of the University of Limerick in 2016, Lauren is a Chartered Physiotherapist working with Tipperary GAA as well as various clubs across all GAA codes. After gaining valuable experience in the area of sports physiotherapy, Lauren has returned to UL to complete a Masters in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology.

This session will cover fundamental principles of injury reduction - from the recreational runner to the committed team sport athlete, as well as dipping into the situations that may require seeking individualised physiotherapy assessment and advice.

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Mental Wellbeing 

Nicole Paulie

How Can Anxiety Impact Sleep?

Although sleep has always been a priority for health, the world is having to adapt to unprecedented changes to our routines. One of the core foundations of our mental
wellbeing is sleep, so this seminar will cover how to manage sleep when stressed, anxious or worried, how to create a healthy sleep routine when our days lack structure,
and the impact of sleep on stress and anxiety.

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Fergus Maher

Practicing Mindfulness

Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental wellbeing. Becoming more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us more and understand ourselves better. Use this session as an introduction to mindfulness and some tips for coping during Covid-19.

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Anita Fletcher

Establishing new routines during Covid-19 and beyond for Children

At the moment people everywhere are struggling to make sense of the new ‘normal’. There is a risk that every day could simply blend into the next if we allow them to. Establishing consistent daily and weekly routines is a way for parents and their children to feel there is some certainty during COVID-19 isolation. This seminar will discuss why creating easy to follow "win-win" routines is the core of positive parenting

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Jody Kennedy


The link between physical wellbeing and mental health has long been established. Exercise is a widely accepted proven strategy in coping with stress and even treating mild depression. This session will comprise of a number of individual breathing and movement exercises along with team interaction and activities designed to energize and awaken the senses. This programme can be enjoyed by everyone, beginner or advanced.

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Brian Crinion

Posture Right

The Posture Right classes are designed for men and women who suffer from poor posture due to poor muscle strength and weakened core, such as those sitting in an office at a desk all day. The result of this is often back and neck pain, and discomfort while performing everyday tasks. We have classes to suit all levels of ability and ages.

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Gemma Habington

Yoga Foundations

Yoga can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether your aim is to tone up, relax, reduce your stress levels or simply boost your energy levels, you will enjoy it! You will learn how to strengthen, tone and relax your body whilst quietening your mind.

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David Bergin

Home Circuits

This feel good circuits class will get your heart rate up and burn those calories. Push as hard as you can today. Let's do this!

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Charlie McCarthy

Family Fit

This class is appropriate for all fitness abilities. Classes may be challenging, but participants can move at their own pace. Family Fit is a great way to spend time together as a family and also encourages younger participants to develop lifelong fitness habits.

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Leroy McEvoy

Total Body Fitness By Healthcoach

Get the benefits of your favourite exercise experiences all rolled into one with this equipment-free workout that combines moves from formats like barre, bootcamp, yoga, and kickboxing to create a total-body workout you can do anywhere. Delivered by our laya healthcare Health Coaches.

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Sean Connolly

Abs & Glutes Burn

Go all guns blazing on your glutes and abs. 3 Rounds. 30 Seconds on. 10 Seconds Off. Fire up your abs and glutes. Keep your heart rate up to build stamina.

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