Workplace Wellbeing Summit 2022

6 sessions with world-class speakers

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Workplace Wellbeing Summit on 4th October 2022, an unmissable online event which showcased the brand-new findings from one of Ireland’s largest ever research studies on workplace wellbeing.

Catch up on the sessions with expert speakers like Jo Owen, Izzy Wheels, Eoin McGee, Alan Quinlan and more.

"There’s no silver bullet. Hybrid working isn’t perfect and neither are fully onsite or fully remote approaches. There are also opportunities to be found in emerging generational and gender gaps. This Workplace Wellbeing Index offers you valuable insights into the needs and concerns of your employees."

- Sinéad Proos, laya healthcare’s Head of Health & Wellbeing

The top 5 workplace wellbeing trends that will shape HR in 2023

Don’t miss this deep dive into crucial current and future trends and how you can get ready for them in your organisation.

• Sinéad Proos, laya healthcare’s Head of Health & Wellbeing
• Gillian French, Expert in Residence, Employee Engagement at Workvivo



Does a silver bullet exist to employee engagement in a hybrid workplace?

Is there a true one-size-fits-all way to keep employees engaged and are new styles of leadership emerging?


  • Jo Owen, best-selling author and hybrid leadership expert
  • Joanne Morrissey, HR Director, Microsoft



Out of pocket, not out of mind

Find out how to address financial anxiety among employees and empower them to take control.


  • Eoin McGee, leading personal finance expert and author of How to Be Good with Money.

Access the full Workplace Wellbeing Index 2022 research

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How diversity and inclusion influences a positive company culture

Discover how vital it is to champion diversity and inclusion as you seek to build a thriving culture in a challenging environment.


  • Ailbhe and Izzy Keane, founders of Izzy Wheels
  • Erika O’Leary, Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs at laya healthcare
  • Siobhan Sweeney, Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Leader at HubSpot.



Mental health fault lines in the workplace

Understand how the risks and triggers for mental health challenges are shifting the balance of wellbeing, and learn about the top mental wellbeing supports that employees really value.


  • Dr Sarah O’Neill, Chief Clinical Officer, Spectrum Life
  • Grainne O’Meara, Senior Director HR Europe at Merit Medical
  • Jo Owen, author of ‘Resilience: 10 habits to thrive in life and work and acclaimed leadership expert
  • Eoin McGee, leading personal finance expert.



How to create high performance teams and the parallels between sport and business

In this rousing final session, hear how putting the focus on wellbeing leads to better overall results.


  • Gary Keegan, High performance expert, founder and CEO of Uppercut
  • Alan Quinlan, former Ireland and Munster Rugby player and sports journalist

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