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 And the perfect time to start looking after yourself, by switching your health insurance to laya healthcare.


Switch today, for peace of mind from just over €10 per week


Assure Protect

Peace of mind, for just over €10 per week

This scheme is €41.70 per month, per adult member and gives you access to public hospitals.

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Flex 500 Explore

Our most popular scheme online

This scheme is €64.17 per month, per adult member and gives you access to both public & private hospitals.

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Some of the benefits of being a laya healthcare member include...

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Image Icon HeartBeat Heart Screening Laya Healthcare
Image Icon QuickCare Urgent Care Laya Healthcare

Switch to laya healthcare

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Sickness doesn't strike at the most convenient time...

Access your...

  • 3 GPlive calls for every family member on your policy
  • 24/7 phone access to a GP
  • 24/7 phone access to a nurse
  • Online prescription service

Keep you and your little (and big) ones healthy from the comfort of your own home with CareOnCall


Walk-in access to an urgent care centre

Access your...

  • Walk-in access to an approved urgent care centre, 365 days a year - no appointment needed
  • Consultant-led care that aims to treat you and your family within 1 hour.
  • Cover up to €375 per visit, depending on your chosen scheme

We're for the tumbles, jumps and bumps in life. Our QuickCare urgent care benefit gives you and your family (aged 12months+) rapid access to a network of minor injury and illness centres.


Heart Screening

Access your...

  • Cardiac screening that includes:
    • a physical examination
    • an electrocardiogram
    • blood pressure check
    • body mass index (BMI)
    • Consultant Cardiologist review and report

HeartBeat cardiac screening is designed to tackle Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) head on. You and your family (aged over 12) get a screening once every two years.  


A session with a Health Coach

Access your...

  • Health check - lung function, blood pressure, glucose level, body composition, fitness level
  • Consultation with your chosen Health Coach
  • Personalised fitness, nutrition and wellbeing plan
  • Rewards and discounts from big brands as you progress

Ready to meet your Healthcoach? Whether your goal is to get moving, to find some balance in your life, or to achieve a big fitness goal, we're here to look after you always.




Price of just over €10 per week based on the Assure Protect scheme. Price effective from 1st of April 2019.


Waiting Periods


What is a pre-existing condition?

An ailment, illness or condition where the signs or symptoms existed at any time in the period of 6 months prior to the insurance commencing.


Don’t have a pre-existing condition?

No waiting periods apply, and you can begin to claim your scheme’s full benefits right away*.


Have a pre-existing condition and want to switch to laya from another insurer?

If you switch to us on like-for-like hospital cover from another provider and have a coverage gap of less than 13 weeks, we won’t ask you to serve an additional waiting period.

If you have a pre-existing condition and want to upgrade your hospital cover when switching to us, you’ll be immediately covered on the higher level of cover for accident and injury treatments, as well as any new illnesses. You’ll also still be covered to the level of cover of your previous scheme for any pre-existing conditions during your waiting period.

Note: If you have not served all your waiting periods with your previous Irish health insurer, you can serve the remainder of them with us. We will fully recognise the length of time you’ve spent with your previous insurer.


*Waiting periods may apply on maternity benefits if you have not served them already. There is a waiting period for fertility and genetic screening benefits.

Find out more about Waiting Periods here or else chat to our award-winning customer care team on 021 202 2000