Laya Super Troopers

Ireland's first ever health homework programme

We have created this exciting and FREE programme for the primary schools of Ireland, along with teachers and a team of experts in the areas of nutrition, wellbeing and physical activity to encourage children and their families to become more active and learn about healthy lifestyles.

We’re so proud of the success of the Laya Super Troopers programme, this year we celebrate the 10th anniversary since Laya Super Troopers first went live, in that time over 1 million children and their families have benefit from healthy lifestyles habits the programme has instilled in them.

Laya healthcare got involved in the programme because we wanted to instil healthy habits in children of a young age, with a view to developing positive habits for life. The programme includes short burst, fun activities and is focused on three core pillars – mental wellbeing, physical activity, and nutrition.

How can schools take part?

It’s easy for schools to take part, you can simply sign up below to register your schools interest to participate and all materials are then provided free of charge. Participating schools and families receive Laya Super Trooper activity family wall charts and a teacher’s guide to the Programme. Because the activities are fun, children will want to repeat them and will therefore keep moving for longer.

To register your interest in taking part in Laya Super Troopers – please fill out the form below:

Health Homework

Each child will receive a brand-new eye-catching Laya Super Troopers Wall Chart to take home.

The wall chart includes 10 scratch and reveal panels. Behind each panel is a weekly challenge to do at home with their family and friends. The challenges are based on the three pillars:

  • Physical Activity
  • Wellbeing
  • Nutrition

The wall chart should hang in a prominent place that’s a visible reminder for the whole family. Each weekly family challenge is designed to encourage the family to practise and work up to a final challenge at the weekend. Participating Schools will be provided with a Teacher’s Booklet that contains fun daily tasks to share with your pupils to support them to build up to the weekly challenge.

The teacher’s role in Laya Super Troopers is a simple but very important one.

  • Distribute the wall charts to your class to take home and explain what they need to do ‘Put somewhere visible and, every Monday, scratch and reveal your weekly family challenge’. We think Mondays are good because it gives you a chance to get them excited during the day, and then the family have the whole week to build up to their family challenge at the weekend.

  • To help you get the pupils excited about the challenge ahead of their reveal you will find a cheat sheet of the challenges on the teacher's booklet – this will help you give them teasers and clues.

  • Use your Teacher’s Booklet to share daily tasks with pupils to support them building up to the main weekly challenge. You can set daily tasks as homework or try them out in class!

  • Set some time aside each week to discuss the challenge and how your pupils and their families are getting on.

  • In your school kit you will find a box of prizes. This is for your School Coordinator to distribute between classes as appropriate to reward, encourage and incentivise involvement. As a teacher, you’ll know from the chatter from the pupils as to who is really invested, and who could use extra help.


Your school will receive a school kit full of Laya Super Trooper prizes!

› 4x Pencil Cases

› 4x Sharpener and Rubber set

› 4x Foldable Water Bottles

› 2x Pencil Sets

› 4x Foldable Frisbees

› 5x sheets of motivational stickers



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