Questions on HeartBeat Cardiac Screening

What is a HeartBeat Cardiac Screening?

Monitor your heart health with our thorough cardiac screening service, which is available to every laya healthcare member over the age of 12 every two years. It includes a physical exam, ECG and Consultant review. More information on

How do I book a HeartBeat Cardiac Screen?

The easiest way to book a HeartBeat Cardiac screening is to go online and log into your Member Area. Make sure you have your Membership number to hand. You can find this on the laya member app or when you log into your Member Area. 

  • Under the heading “Access your Expert Health team” you will see a list of all the different services that are available to you.
  • Click on the button that says, “HeartBeat Cardiac Screening” and fill out the form provided by our partners Advanced Medical Solutions.
  • Using a mobile device? Log into your Member Area and follow the same steps.
  • You can also book on your Laya App by clicking on the button on the home screen that says “HeartBeat cardiac screening”.
  • If you do not want to book online, call our customer care team and we will book this for you.

What if my health insurance is provided by my employer?

Log into your Member Area. Click on "see all online benefits" and click on the button that says "HeartBeat Cardiac Screening". 




Can I book a HeartBeat Cardiac Screening through the Laya App?

Yes, you can book this on your Laya App by clicking on the button on the home screen that says “HeartBeat cardiac screen”. You can also navigate to the menu and click on the link called “HeartBeat Cardiac Screen” under the heading “Unique Laya Benefits”.

Can I book this service using my Member Area Details?

Although you will use your Member Area details to log into Member Area, you do not use these details to make the actual booking. This service is provided in partnership with Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS) cork. When you click on the link you will have two choices.

  • Log in: (use this if you previously have an account with AMS, for example if you already had a HeartBeat cardiac screen).
  • Create a new account: Use this option if you have never had a HeartBeat Cardiac Screening.

 Why do I need to create a new AMS account?

This account is created to ensure that AMS who are providing the service, have the correct details for you. It is also where the results of your HeartBeat Cardiac screening are stored.



Can I book on behalf of a dependant?

Yes, select the number of  members you wish to book for. Then select the date/time for each person individually. Alternatively, our customer care team can facilitate this request and book in each member at consecutive times. 

I booked a HeartBeat Cardiac screening online, how can I cancel?

If you booked your HeartBeat Cardiac Screening online then its best to log into your AMS account and cancel that booking. Our customer care team can't cancel an online booking. Once you have cancelled, you can set a new appointment by booking through your Member Area. Atlernatively, our customer care team can book a new appointment on your behalf. 


I have a MoneySmart cash plan, can I book a HeartBeat screening?

Members on this plan are eligible for a HeartBeat Cardiac screening. Please contact our customer care team to book this for you. 


What can I do if I get error messages and can’t create an account to make my appointment?

If you have trouble with activation links for HeartBeat emails or using links contained within Heartbeat emails it may be due to security restrictions on your corporate network. Please retry the links using your personal email address from a personal device that is not on your corporate network.



I have been told I’m not eligible, what does this mean?

There are two reasons why you might be ineligible for a HeartBeat cardiac screening.

  • You might have had a HeartBeat cardiac screening within the last two years.
  • You could be under the age of 12.

If it is the first option, you can make an appointment for a date in the future, after the two years have passed. You then become eligible for the service again.

I can’t find my booking in Member Area, where is it?

If you wish to refer to your booking it will be in the confirmation email or text that was sent to you at the time of booking.  Your booking won’t be available in Member Area. If your private medical insurance is provided by your employer, it won’t be in ‘Your Wellbeing’ either.

Where are the results of my HeartBeat cardiac screen stored?

Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS) will notify you when your results are ready to be viewed. You can log into your AMS account (which was created when you booked your HeartBeat screen) to view these results.  Your results won’t be available in Member Area. If your private medical insurance is provided by your employer, your results won’t be in ‘Your Wellbeing’ either.


How long does it take to get the results of my HeartBeat Cardiac Screening?

It takes approximately ten days before you can get your results.