Cover for outpatient (everyday-medical) treatments

You are covered for the outpatient (everyday-medical) treatments below, up to a combined maximum of €250. Simply review your cover here. You can also ask questions on webchat  or call us on 021 202 2000

Cover includes

  • GP & consultant fees
  • Approved complementary therapists max 12 visits by a participating therapist
  • Reflexology (including baby reflexology) max 8 visits by a participating therapist
  • Physiotherapists max 25 visits by a participating therapist
  • Radiology & pathology
  • Child counselling max 8 visits by a participating therapist
  • Speech therapists max 8 visits by a participating therapist on GP or Consultant referral
  • Dieticians max 5 visits by a participating therapist
  • Occupational therapists max 5 visits by a participating therapist


Child Healthcare Benefits

Child healthcare

Your child’s health is the most important thing to you. It is because of this that we have made looking after your little ones a priority for us. If your child is unwell, you can use our CareOnCall service to speak to a nurse or a GP about your child’s health. If hospital treatment is required, we have a range of useful benefits to help your child recover.

Going to hospital

If your child needs to go to hospital to get treatment there are many extra costs that must be met from parking to accommodation. To make things easier for you when you’re looking after your child in hospital members can avail of our travel and accommodation benefit.This is available for a parent accompanying a child during an in-patient stay in hospital up to a maximum of 14 nights. To check whether your scheme covers child healthcare benefits please review your cover in the benefits table where all of our schemes are listed. You can also call us to confirm cover or ask a question through our webchat facility.

After hospital treatment

When your child (under 18) comes home following inpatient (hospital) treatment where they have been in hospital for more than three days we’ll give you a child healthcare support benefit. For example this can contribute towards the cost of a nurse who will visit your home in order to carry out any necessary treatments. This allows your child to get well in their own surroundings