Having a Baby

Whether you’re just planning ahead or celebrating the great news that you’re expecting, it’s good to know exactly what maternity benefit you’re covered for. So while you enjoy the experience and spend time with your new baby, we have developed the following comprehensive range of benefits for you and your baby.


 EssentialCareHealth Smart Family PersonalCare FamilyCare CompleteCare
Up to 3 nights hospital accommodation or a homebirth  €3,000  €4,000  Personal Care offers minimal maternity cover. You might want to consider FamilyCare, CompleteCare or our HealthManager suite of schemes if you require increased maternity benefits.      €4,000  €3,500
Post natal home nursing if hospital stay is less than 3 nights  Up to €900 for 2 nights  Up to €1,200 for 2 nights  Up to €1,200 for 2 nights  No cover
Consultant fee for delivering your baby  €846.43  €846.43  €846.43  €846.43
Pre and post natal benefit including baby massage classes, maternity bra, dental treatment, breastfeeding consultancy and counselling services.  €200  €275  €275  €200
Out-patient consultation visits, for each pregnancy up to  €250  €400  €400  € 500

 Additional Benefits 

  • ‌Newborns are free until the next renewal. Just call us within 13 weeks of your babies birth 
  • 24/7 Nurseline, offering advice and reassurance to new and expecting parents 
  • ‌Excellent child healthcare benefits
  • You can also view our Mum & Baby page for tips on pregnany and health

Infertility Benefit (available on FamilyCare only)

We provide cover for infertility treatment. To help you start your family we’ll give €1,000 towards specific infertility treatments (IUI, ICSI and IVF) for female FamilyCare members per lifetime when carried out in approved centres. Please click here for Infertility Benefit waiting periods.