Terms and Conditions

Member Support Benefit Payment 2022

This page clarifies the terms and conditions that apply to our Member Support Benefit;

  1. Active Membership: to be eligible for the Member Support Benefit, a member must hold an active health insurance policy with laya healthcare on the 1st June 2022. Anyone who joins us on 1st June 2022 will be eligible for payment. Please note that the 14-day cooling off period must have passed before the payment will be issued.
  2. Laya Healthcare private health insurance only: This payment applies to laya healthcare members who hold an active private health insurance policy with us on 1 June 2022. Laya Life only and Laya Healthcare Travel only members are not eligible for this additional benefit
  3. Product Exclusions: The following products are excluded: No Cover (“ex cover”) / Dental / Health Protect / Money Smart (cash plans).
  4. Adult and Child Rates: There is a different Member Support Benefit payable for an adult and child. A child is a member who is under 18. The date of birth of the member at the time of the eligibility date will determine whether an adult rate or child rate is paid. There is no student rate or rate for young adult rate (YAR) members. If you’ve availed of our Free Kids Offer, all children covered on that scheme are eligible for payment.
  5. Outstanding Payments: If you have money owed on your premium subscription of €20 or more then the Member Support Benefit Payment will be withheld until it is paid. If the money owed is subsequently cleared, then this held payment will be reconciled and paid at a later date from September and this will be communicated to the member impacted directly.
  6. Failed Bank Transfer: if an Electronic Fund Transfer bank payment fails, we will attempt to make another EFT payment to any alternative EFT bank details we have on file for you (for example if the bank details for direct debit differ to those who’ve shared for claims reimbursement). If we don’t have alternative bank details on file, we will issue you a cheque at a later date (from August 2022).
  7. Returned Cheques: If a cheque is returned or expires, then a reissue of this payment will only be facilitated by bank transfer (EFT), and not by issuing a new cheque.
  8. Deceased members: Eligible members who are deceased may be paid into their estate, subject to appropriate bank transfer details being shared with us.
  9. Final Reconciliation: Members have until the 31st December 2022 to update payment details if there is any difficulty with our initial attempt to pay the Member Support Benefit.