Let's Talk Mental Health

While mental health in Ireland has been gaining increasing focus over the past number of years, many companies are still underequipped when identifying and tackling mental health issues. In recent research, we found that the majority of Irish people think the conversation around mental health needs to change in Ireland, with 75% feeling that a stigma still exists around those suffering from anxiety. This unique event will facilitate dialogue with senior HR professionals as they identify the supports and structures needed to improve their organisation's Mental Health strategy. The event will include a combination of presentations and panel discussions, along with interactive Q&A sessions and an opportunity to meet and chat with service providers. 

Lets Talk Mental Health in the Workplace is organised in partnership with laya healthcare and Black Square Events.


Let's Talk Mental Health in the Workplace 2018


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Improving mental health in your workplace

A HR Guide For Employee Wellbeing 


Over the last decade, Ireland has seen a significant change in attitudes towards mental health. A positive mental health strategy in an organisation is more than just an effective HR programme.  

Our guide looks at how an organisation can develop and  implement a proactive and reactive strategy which addresses some of the key challenges facing Irish organisations today. 

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