Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

General Terms:

  • I/We instruct you to pay direct debits from my/our account at the request of Laya Healthcare.
  • The amounts are variable and may be debited on various dates.
  • I/We understand that Laya Healthcare may change the amounts and dates only after giving prior notice.
  • I/We will inform the bank/building society in writing if I/We wish to cancel this instruction.
  • I/We understand that if any direct debit is paid which breaks the terms of this instruction, the bank/building society will make a refund.


The Direct Debit Guarantee:

  • This is a guarantee provided by your own bank as a member of the Direct Debit Scheme, in which banks and originators of direct debits participate.
  • If you authorise payment by direct debit then
    • Your Direct Debit Originator will notify you in advance of the amounts to be debited to your account.
    • Your bank will accept and pay such debits, provided that your account has sufficient available funds.
  • If it is established that an unauthorised Direct Debit was charged to your account, you are guaranteed a prompt refund by your bank of the amount so charged.
  • You can cancel the direct debit instruction in good time by writing to your bank.