Partnership for Prevention provides GSK employees and their eligible family dependants with access to up to 40 preventive healthcare services, at little or no cost. These services can take many forms – from modifying lifestyle choices such as stopping smoking, to health screenings which can identify illness in its early stages, and vaccinations that can stop diseases from developing at all.  The services included have been carefully chosen to ensure they have the greatest benefit to you and your family, while complimenting existing medical benefits or government health programmes. 

For more information on the programme, visit the GSK Ireland Health and Wellbeing Hub on ConnectGSK.

GSK P4P can also be contacted by phone (021 242 9007) or email (

Looking for more information on the participant journey? Download this handy infographic PDF  

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If you need information on 'estimated' BIK to the employee where their dependant avails of one of the P4P services listed, you can access a GSK document on BIK costs here.

To book an onsite or nearsite service, please select from the following site locations. To book a network service, please phone 021 242 9007 or email


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Contact Details

GSK P4P can be contacted by phone or email:

Phone - 021 242 9007

Phoneline is open 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

Email -