Our Story

Looking after over 580,000 members, always


Proudly part of AIG since 2015, we are the no.1 health and wellbeing provider in Ireland, the second largest health insurer in Ireland, and look after over 580,000 members.

We're for the tumbles, jumps and bumps in life. We know that people are sick for about 3% of their lives, and that health insurance often only focuses on this. We want to be more than a health insurer, and empower our members to be at their very best, always.

Now, we want to move the conversation with our members ‘from fear to freedom’, from the fear of something going wrong to the freedom of living life to its fullest. Laya healthcare will give practical support and tools to support our members to live healthier, better lives. We want our members to experience what it feels like to be alive, and to embrace the fun and playful side of life. 

Which means we're here for you. Empowering you to look after your health and wellbeing to keep you healthy, and looking after you with innovative benefits and a caring support system when you're ill.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our members can access a wide range of hospitals, doctors, and consultants; quality cancer and cardiac cover; excellent maternity and child healthcare and direct payment centres. You can draw on the expert medical opinions of worldwide specialists, find cover for infertility treatment, or call our free, confidential 24 hour GPline and Nurseline whenever you need their support.

And, because we know that our members like to be proactive in managing their health, we cover health checks, screening, dental, optical and complementary therapies.

Our broad range of corporate healthcare schemes and health and wellness services are designed to help employers achieve their goal; whether it’s reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, or maximising employee engagement.