Clinics access comparison

Comparison is based on length of access to medical treatment in Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinics versus non private healthcare facilities as reported in the national inpatient survey report 2021.

Laya healthcare:

Laya healthcare guarantee that patients are seen and treated in under 60 minutes at their urgent care clinics. The average treatment time for patients is 43 minutes. Source: Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinics treatment data Report (October 2022).

Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinics are open to everyone, aged 12 + months and operate from 10am to 10pm, 365 days a year.


Non-private healthcare services: 

Faster access in comparison with 71% of people of public health admissions taking more than 6 hours as seen in the National Inpatient Survey Report 2021. 

Source: Page 8 of the 2021 survey completed by which can be found at