Family Value Offer

...Pay for one, and the rest go free

At laya healthcare, we’re for the tumbles, jumps and bumps in life, and we know that kids and teens* do this best. 

Which is why we've created our exclusive Family Value Offer, where you only pay for one Kid or Teen's health insurance and the rest go FREE. All of them...

It's good to live.


Offer available on the below schemes until the 30th June 2020:



*A kid or teen is defined as a dependent aged under 18 years

Some of the benefits for you and your family...

When we say we're here to look after you always, we mean it. Our range of member benefits and services ensure that we empower you to be at your best, always, but also take care of you when you need us.

From walk-in urgent care, to preventive heart screening, to 24/7 phone access to GPs and Nurses, to comprehensive cancer care.


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