What is Excess?

The excess on your health insurance claims are not calculated in the same way as your car insurance or home insurance. This page will help you understand and calculate the amount that will be paid to you when you make a claim.

Here’s an example of how the everyday medical expense excess works:

€50 bill

Every time you go to your GP, you receive a receipt for the amount you paid.

€20 claim

You can then claim back a portion of this bill against your health insurance cover.

€20 claim €20 claim €20 claim €20 claim €51 claim€51 claim

However, laya will only start paying back once your claimable amount exceeds the "excess". Your excess applies per contract year.

Everyday medical expenses You paid Claimable amount
Total claimable amount   €182
Excess   €125
Refund due   €57
General practitioner €50 × 4 €80 (€20 × 4)
Consultant €150 × 2 €102 (€51 × 2)