Employee Assistance Programmes

Employee Assistance Programme

Support for your team

As Ireland’s largest wellness team we know more than most the challenges that face you and your team. We get it and we’d like to help.

We’d like to help with the pressures faced by your team not only at work, but at home, worries about money, legal concerns, family demands and the expectations of a busy life. We know that all of these anxieties add up and can cause a decrease in concentration or sickness at work.

We offer support for employees in a way that suits your company with our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). These programmes are typically integrated into corporate policies and are not offered as a standalone service for comanies without Private Medical Insurance with Laya Healthcare. If you currently have a corporate scheme with laya healthcare and wish to add our EAP service as an extra benefit, please contact us. 

Laya Healthcare Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential support line that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When an employee calls with a problem they are given counselling or information over the phone. They can be carefully assessed for onward referral for face-to-face counselling at a time and place that suits them.

All calls are answered by highly qualified counsellors or psychologists and are treated in the strictest confidence. If legal or financial assistance is required, the caller will be passed through to an in-house lawyer or money-management consultant.

What's different about Laya Healthcare's EAP service? It offers:‌

 24/7 telephone assistance;
 legal and financial advice;
 a nationwide network of counsellors;
 no set-up costs;
 all calls are answered by trained counsellors; and
 family cover at no extra cost.

Our counsellors understand how difficult it may be to make the call and are trained to help callers feel comfortable in sharing their problems and looking for a resolution. Problems could include: stress, managing change, legal matters, financial or debt worries, harassment, relationship difficulties, bereavement, trauma, career concerns, drug or alcohol abuse, and depression.

Managers can also phone the support line and use it as a sounding board to help deal with work situations. We will evaluate the programme in your workplace on an ongoing basis and provide the most accurate feedback available whilst maintaining client confidentiality.

For more information:

Email: haw@layahealthcare.ie or visit www.layawellness.ie