Driven with Johnny Sexton 

Welcome to "Driven," a captivating video series where the iconic Irish Rugby legend Johnny Sexton takes the lead. Join us in candid conversations with trailblazers from various sporting backgrounds as we dive into the depths of determination, exploring the unyielding pursuit of excellence in both physical and mental realms. Johnny also shares his own journey, making "Driven" not only a place for questions but also a space for personal stories.

This is "Driven" – a journey of inspiration and shared experiences.

Episode 1 - Johnny Sexton & Richie Sadlier

In this video, we explore the life and career of rugby legend Johnny Sexton, as he chats with host Richie Sadlier covering:

  • Self-Belief: Discover how Sexton's unwavering self-belief drove his success.
  • Early Struggles: Johnny's challenges entering the Irish national team and establishing himself.
  • Crucial Career Moments: Insights into pivotal experiences, including a missed kick and a high-pressure Dropkick.
  • Leadership & Legacy: Sexton's unexpected captaincy role and his goal to leave a positive rugby legacy.
  • Future Aspirations: Johnny's determination to end his career on a high and inspire younger players.

Join us for this exclusive interview to gain insight into Johnny Sexton's remarkable rugby journey - so far!!

"I'm determined not to be the person that sits and watches and doesn't want the teams to do well because I'm not there. I'm going to try and leave as much of me there as I can"

Johnny Sexton

Episode 2 - Leona Maguire 

In Episode 2, we explore Leona Maguire's exceptional journey in the world of golf. Joining rugby legend Johnny Sexton and host Richie Sadlier, we delve into what sets Leona apart and how she shares valuable insights on:

  • Drive and Dedication: Discover Leona's unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • Amateur to Pro: Explore her transition from amateur success to the pros.
  • World Number One: Celebrate her as the World Number One in Women's World Amateur Golf Ranking.
  • Twin Sister Connection: Delve into her unique bond with her twin sister.
  • Mental Resilience: Uncover her incredible mental strength in the face of challenges.
  • Focus under Pressure: Examine her ability to maintain unwavering focus in high-pressure situations.

Join us to uncover what makes Leona Maguire a standout in golf and gain insights from her incredible journey.

"'I can do this. I've done this over and over again in practice. Having done it previously is where that self-belief comes from."

Leona Maguire

Episode 3 - Henry Shefflin

In episode 3 of Driven, get ready to dive deep into the inspiring journey of a legendary leader. In our upcoming video, we explore the life, retirement, and unparalleled greatness of Henry Shefflin. Covering

  • Leadership: Discover what it takes to lead from the front, even when doubts loom large. Henry's leadership journey is a testament to resilience and strength.
  • Retirement: We delve into the emotional moments surrounding Henry's retirement, including his honest reflections before the 2009 All Ireland Final
  • Greatness: Witness how Henry's pursuit of greatness led to an astonishing 10 All Ireland victories, making him one of the greatest hurlers of all time.

    Henry Shefflin's story is one of determination, inner battles, and unwavering leadership. 

"You have to be seen as one of those strong individuals that is leading from the front and can't be seen as being that weak individual that doubting themselves and worried, and especially before a big game in front of 80,000 people"

Henry Shefflin

Episode 4 - Cora Staunton 

Join us as Johnny sits down with Cora Staunton discussing her transition from All Ireland winner to Australian rules footballer. Together they discuss:

  • Adapting to change: How both athletes have navigated and embraced change in their careers and how it has impacted their performance and approach.

  • Managing expectations: They discuss the pressures of expectations, both internal and external, and how they handle these pressures to excel.

  • Earning it: Insights into the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices it takes to achieve success at the highest level in their respective sports.

  • Competitiveness: A deep dive into the competitive drive that fuels them, their experiences with competition, and how it has shaped their careers.

Join us as they share anecdotes and insight garnered from their remarkable journeys.

Episode 5 - Mark Sexton

Join us as Johnny and Richie sits down with special guest Mark Sexton. Connaught Rugby's assistant attack coach and Johnny Sexton's brother. Together they discuss:

  • The pivotal role of family support in achieving personal and professional goals.
  • Anecdotes about shared childhood dreams and the significance of a strong support system.
  • Delve into the challenges of adjusting career expectations and gain a glimpse into the dynamics of having a sports star family member

Enjoy this much-watch episode!