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Best Workplaces for Women

The Best Workplaces for Women process is a programme which aims to recognise top organisations which, as well as providing a great work environment for everyone in general, are strategically focused on creating positive and supportive workplaces for women.

This award takes the global standard Best Workplaces methodology as its basis, and recognises organisations that go above and beyond to ensure that the women in their workforce are treated fairly when it comes to pay, recognition, training and promotion opportunities; where they can take the time off they need to attend to childcare or other family commitments; and where they are encouraged, empowered, and supported to do their best work. Laya healthcare is delighted to have received this recognition for the last two years in a row.

Great Place to Work Women 2021


Investors in Diversity - Silver

Investors in Diversity Ireland (IiD) is Ireland’s first all encompassing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion mark

The Irish Centre for Diversity, supported by Ibec and the DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion, introduced the first all encompassing Diversity and Inclusion mark for Irish businesses. 

Building on the requirements of Bronze, the ‘Silver Investors in Diversity EDI Mark’ liberates the voice of the people within our organisation. The second step in the Investors in Diversity EDI Mark is about listening to what employees have to say and understanding how people are experiencing the culture within your organisation. In this part of the process, organisations measure the sense of fairness and belonging from the employees’ perspective. This model provides a benchmark against other organisations, while also providing insights into key strengths and areas that require development.


Diversity Inclusion Silver Award 2021 Laya Healthcare


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At laya healthcare we strive to ensure our team are empowered to bring their full authentic selves to work every day. 

You can find out more in our Diversity & Inclusion policy.

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Team Member Testimonial

Aideen D&I Testimonial Headshot

"As a parent, the flexibility on offer at laya healthcare gives me incredible freedom to juggle the demands of work and home life. Whether it’s availing of flexi time to pick the kids up from school or take them to appointments, or taking parental leave when I need it, there’s great understanding  at management level that to fulfil our potential and get the job done, there needs to be harmony between our work and personal lives and accommodations are made to support the team as much as possible".

- Aideen