Virus. Vaccine. Vision.

Expert-led panel discussion

On 17th February, over 500 HR leaders attended a panel discussion on the implications of Ireland's Covid-19 vaccination roll-out for employers.

The volume and calibre of questions prompted a compelling debate that we expect will continue in the months ahead as we navigate the changing workplace during Covid-19.

Providing guidance to employees around Covid-19 vaccinations and being clear as to the role and obligations of employers was a key ask. We have prepared this fact sheet which you can share with your employees to help answer their most commonly asked questions around vaccinations.

With thanks to our partners Jennifer Cashman, Employment Partner, Ronan Daly Jermyn, Professor John Gallagher, Managing Director, Cognate Health and Sinéad Proos, Head of Health & Wellbeing at laya healthcare, we’ve also pulled together top 5 tips for HR leaders which addresses the biggest challenges employers face around vaccinations.

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Guidance for employees on Covid-19 vaccinations


Top 5 tips for HR leaders on Covid-19 vaccinations