Playbooks for HR Leaders

A Brave New Era of Work & Wellbeing

Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill, on a scale never before seen. This, in turn, led to every organisation rapidly adjusting to working from home, and attempting to support their team members through this challenging time, as they balanced a new working environment, anxiety over a global pandemic and, in many cases, simultaneously caring for or teaching their children at home.

Following the largest ever research ever carried out among Irish employees and HR leaders about the challenges faced during Covid-19, our team have put together a series of HR Leader Playbooks.

Free to everyone, these playbooks are designed to support HR leaders as they navigate the uncharted water that is the post Covid-19 return to the workplace and what will become the ‘new world of work’.

Access your first playbooks below, with more to be announced in the coming months.

Free, Expert Guidance for HR Leaders

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Laya Healthcare’s The Great Reset: A Brave New Era of Work and Wellbeing Research was conducted by Spark — The Strategic Insight Agency. The Research involved 1,004 online interviews amongst employees and 188 online interviews with employers. Six one-hour digital in-depth interviews with HR leaders/ business owners also took place. The research was conducted from 17 to 27 July.