Assess mental health risks in your workplace

The Drive to Thrive

HR teams need to be mindful of mental health risks in the workplace at any time, and never more so than during a pandemic. Not only is there a human cost to employees of stress, anxiety and depression, but these challenges also leave organisations exposed to lower productivity and higher costs. 

You can assess and address these risks, however, while also supporting your people and running your business.

Every HR leader knows about managing occupational health risks. Now it’s time to introduce occupational mental health services that can help anticipate and mitigate mental health risks in the workplace.

It’s a timely move – at laya healthcare, we’re seeing 46% of all occupational health requests now relate to mental wellbeing.

Benefits employees and employers

When employees have access to and can benefit from an occupational mental health service, they see real benefits. Not only do their stress levels reduce, meaning they enjoy a more positive sense of health and wellbeing, but they are also more productive. 

With this service, problems are more likely to be addressed sooner, and that early intervention pays, as any employee who needs time off is more likely to recover quickly and be able to return to work. Furthermore, problems that go unaddressed are likely to worsen and become harder to resolve. 

There are more benefits for employers too. By adopting an active management of mental health risk rather than a passive one, they can reduce both absenteeism and presenteeism. They can improve morale, motivation and employee commitment, while also being able to cut potential costs for labour relations and legal services.

Not only that, but a dedicated occupational mental health service can help to improve retention, reduce employee churn and support your organisation’s work in becoming an employer of choice.


Laya Healthcare’s A Brave New 2.1 Research was conducted by Spark — The Strategic Insight Agency. The Research involved 1,000 online questionnaires with employees and 68 online questionnaires with HR leaders. The research was conducted in August and September 2021.  This research follows two previous waves of Brave New Era research and was commissioned to provide content on how opinions and behaviours are changing.

Discover our occupational mental health service

Delivered by our expert partner, Cognate Health, our occupational mental health service focuses on addressing and reducing different levels of severity of mental health risk in the workplace. 

This service offers many benefits, including:

  • reliable and valid clinical insight into an employee’s current mental health
  • a transparent sickness absence management process, in which the employee is fully involved
  • clear treatment plans with clinically-backed recommendations
  • access psychological care pathways