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The Drive to Thrive

It’s being called The Great Resignation. Employees made miserable and dissatisfied by the pandemic are breaking free of stagnation and deciding to move on. And that means a talent crisis for companies and HR teams, bringing an urgent need to optimise both recruitment and retention work. 

What many HR leaders don’t necessarily realise, however, is just how much mental health and wellbeing programmes matter when it comes to attracting and retaining employees – one in five say they would be very likely to consider moving jobs to an employer who offers better mental health support.

In fact, this trend was a key finding in our recent A Drive to Thrive mental health snapshot, part of our ongoing Brave New Era research on employee health and wellbeing.

Not only did our pulse survey of 1,000 Irish employees find that a third are planning to change jobs in the next year, but it also highlighted that younger workers and those with disabilities are particularly unhappy. 

At the same time, these groups value mental health support even more than employees in general – 32% of younger people would be very likely to consider moving to an employer with better mental health support, as would 34% of those with disabilities.

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Laya Healthcare’s A Brave New 2.1 Research was conducted by Spark — The Strategic Insight Agency. The Research involved 1,000 online questionnaires with employees and 68 online questionnaires with HR leaders. The research was conducted in August and September 2021.  This research follows two previous waves of Brave New Era research and was commissioned to provide content on how opinions and behaviours are changing.