Cancer Care

Let's face Cancer together


Experiencing a cancer diagnosis can be really frightening. It can take a huge physical and emotional toll on those affected. 

We’re with you every step of the way. 

All our schemes have comprehensive cancer care benefits in place to reassure our members and guide them towards the best medical outcome for their cancer diagnosis. 

As well as cover in an extensive network of public and private hospitals, including the eight designated Cancer Centres in Ireland, our members can access a range of additional cancer care benefits along the four key stages of their cancer journey.

It's the little things...

Smaller benefits really add up when someone is going through cancer treatment. Aside from major treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, there are some additional treatments and benefits that can be of huge emotional and physical benefit to cancer patients, including:

  • Full cover for breast prosthesis following treatment
  • Full cover for hair prosthesis or wig following treatment
  • Up to €100 accommodation benefit per night, with no limit
  • Full cover for a sleeping cap
  • Contribution towards eyebrow tattooing
  • Cover up to €500 for manual lymph drainage, with no excess
  • Unlimited access to Laya Healthcare Concierge until the end of 2021 (members aged 18+)
  • CareOnCall - phone access to a Nurse or Doctor 24/7
  • 24/7 phone access to a qualified Counsellor through your Mental Wellbeing Support Programme
  • YourCare@Home service - continue certain types of treatment in the comfort of your own home

Unlimited Access to Laya Healthcare Concierge

If you or a loved one are going through a medical issue, your Laya Healthcare Concierge team are here to answer any question you might have. Available on all schemes until the end of December 2021 for members aged 18+, we can help you to sort through medical jargon and explain everything - from what a diagnosis means, to understanding your, or a loved one's, treatment plan, to what happens when you leave hospital.

And everything in between.

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The four key stages of the cancer journey

Whatever stage of your Cancer Journey you are at – whether it’s initial screening or you’ve just been diagnosed, laya healthcare will look after you, always.

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