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Behind the Scenes with Leinster Rugby Nutritionist Daniel Davey – Behind the Team – Laya Healthcare

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Find out what Rhys Ruddock is like in the kitchen, how many calories a professional rugby player consumes in a day, and what’s the Leinster Rugby squad’s favourite meal in this exclusive behind the scenes video.

Hear from Daniel Davey, the Senior Performance Nutritionist at Leinster Rugby, who reveals the daily diet of a professional rugby player and explains why “consistency” is the secret behind the most successful players at the top of their game.

Daniel gives fuelling-up tips for the 36-48 hours before a game, a period he describes as critical if a player is to perform to his best on the pitch the next day. He also gives some practical tips on recovery, a hot topic of discussion among players and fans alike.

In this behind-the-scenes series of videos capturing Leo Cullen and his backroom team, Leinster Rugby fans will enjoy exclusive insights into the most successful Irish team in domestic and European competition.

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