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Top ten goals for better health in 2018

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As another New Year rolls around, millions of us worldwide will make a New Year’s resolution to improve our lives. Many of these resolutions will commit us to making changes that promote a healthier lifestyle. Aside from making New Year’s resolutions, keeping them is equally as important. Orla Barry, our Occupational Health Advisor, suggests 10 long-term habit changes that could help you to become healthier and stay healthy in 2018.


1. Don’t order super-mocha-latte Frappuccinos

Steer clear of lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolates and instead go for herbal teas. Green tea can be a great order as it has caffeine in it and is also linked to the reduction of body fat. Swap your cappuccino for a green tea and you’ll quickly see the difference.


2. Switch white carbs to brown

Brown carbs are full of fibre and goodness. Make this switch and watch the difference it makes to your waistline.


3. Take the stairs

You’ll encounter stairs everywhere you go. You’ll also encounter umpteen lazy ways to avoid the stairs. Which way are you going to take?


4. Eat slowly and mindfully

Your stomach is 10 to 15 minutes behind your brain in terms of feeling full. By eating too fast we eat too much and also force the stomach to expand. Ideally, you should chew your food for 20 to 30 seconds each mouthful. This helps to break down the food and your body absorbs the nutrients quicker. So, put your fork down between each mouthful, chew your food slowly and properly and watch what a difference this makes.


5. Lemon up!

Cooled boiled water with lemon is fantastic for your skin, hair, and digestion and it’s cheap and effective! Try it first thing in the morning instead of your morning coffee.


6. Rest up

Recovery is just as important as exercise. Learn to read your body so you know when it’s time to rest, and give it time to recover.


7. Cook

By cooking you are reducing your intake of processed foods. The fresher the foods in your life the better it is for you.


8. Try something different

Ireland is an adventure sports playground, from surfing to mountain biking and pretty much everything in between, so why not get out there and try some of it!


9. Surround yourself with like minded people

If you want to be fit, be friends with fit people. Those you surround yourself with will have a big impact on you!


10. Treat yourself once a week

Whatever your treat meal is, on one day a week have whatever you want and enjoy it. This creates balance and longevity.


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Orla O’Callaghan

Orla O'Callaghan