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Karl Henry’s Top 5 Tips to Transform Your Health

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Laya Healthcare is delighted to have Karl Henry as part of our series, whose simple tips are the key to changing and transforming your lifestyle for the better. 

Here are some simple tips on how to achieve this: 

Ensure your why is bigger than your excuses: Having a strong goal or mission when trying to change your health is crucial. With the right goal, one that means the most to you, you will be able to make those changes and stick to them when times get tough or when you normally fall off the wagon. Spend some time reflecting and thinking about this and you will make the best investment in your health! 

Sleep: Sleep is often the pillar of health many forget about. Its where the body recovers and repairs itself. Focus on getting 6-8 hours of solid deep sleep, in a room that is dark, clutter and tech free and watch what this will do to how you feel, work and transform. 

Find movement you love: Life is too short to do something you hate, yet so often people take up exercise regimes they don’t like, spending hard earned money and often stopping soon after. It is crucial to find exercise that you enjoy, truly enjoy. Yes, it needs to challenge you but if you enjoy it, chances are it will last in the long term not just another quick fix. 

Cook more from scratch: People look for the food fix that delivers incredible health benefits. The reality is that it’s there, under your nose. Cook more of your foods from scratch, with some protein and colourful salad or veg with it and you will eat healthier than ever in a way that is so simple. 

Back and believe in yourself: No matter what your health goals are, the most important thing is to back yourself. Believe you can do it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Surround yourself with people who will help you reach that goal too!


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Karl Henry

Karl Henry is one of Ireland's most recognised and leading personal trainers, and is the name that is synonymous with training in Ireland. He kick-started his personal training company by training clients in their homes in 2004. Now renowned as a personal trainer to the stars, Karl is responsible for creating some of the most famous physiques in fashion, music, politics and the corporate world.