Top 5 foodie destinations from around the world

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Italy is a country known for its culture with ancient ruins, art and architecture, however its cuisine should not to be forgotten on this favorites list. When you think of food destinations from around the world, Italy always springs to mind straight away. Nothing beats sitting in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square) in Venice with a bowl of fresh pasta as you watch the world go by. Italy exudes comfort food at its finest. There is an intense depth of flavour to be experienced in the rich tomato sauces, risottos, homemade pizzas, fresh pasta, the list is endless and we haven’t even talked about the gelatos (that’s ice-cream to you and me)



Vietnam, a place with amazing natural beauty, friendly people and of course delicious cuisine is a place you must simply visit once in a life time. If you are travelling through Vietnam on a budget, the traditional markets are the best way to get a taste of Vietnam. Food stalls are run by families whose dishes have been passed down from generation to generation. A taste of both the local cuisine and culture in one visit. The central ingredients in Vietnamese dishes are fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, rice, herbs, fruits and vegetables.



India is known for its impressive architecture, colourful dance and food packed with flavour due to all the fresh colourful spices they use. Arriving in Delhi, we were welcomed with a feast - an abundance of amazing food including large baskets of delicious garlic naan bread, narrate korma that tingled the taste buds, spiced noodles and a peanut masala. We were more than satisfied as we sat planning our trip over a succulent lemon, ginger and honey tea blend after our meal. The tradition is to use lots of different spices to maximize the flavour. With Indian cooking, the meat and vegetables are never the focus of the dish, it is the flavour and spice which demands the key focus.


France is known for its vivid coastline, spectacular vineyards and their delicious patisseries. While in France, you cannot help but be emerged in their gourmet culture. As you walk by the patisseries smelling the baguettes, praline, pain au chocolat and macarons you’ll find it hard to resist and nothing beats starting the morning with a fresh Croissant and a little cup of coffee as you watch the world go by.


While Australia is famously known for its beachy vibe of sun, sea and sand, it should not be forgotten for its food culture. With a reputation of barbeques on the beach with family and friends, the food in Australia is all about bringing people together with a relaxed atmosphere. Local specialities include some native dishes featuring kangaroo, ostrich or crocodile. In South Eastern Australia the vibrant city of Melbourne has recently has been creeping up as being a real foodie destination with numerous top restaurants from celebrity chefs opening their doors. If you are travelling on more of a budget there is also plenty of choice with Street food at Day and Night time markets which is extremely popular with the locals.


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